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Tammany Mills

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How can Tammany help you?

  • Assist new DME suppliers with their set-up procedures, HCPC criteria and documentation requirements.

  • Analyze current procedures and train your in-house billing staff on-site or via the internet

  • Accounts Receivable clean up – Tammany uses Medicare’s Claim Status Inquiry to research the entire claim history to clean up aging Accounts Receivable.

  • Assist manufactures with new product classification with SADMERC

  • Keynote speaking engagements

  • Write articles for trade publications

  • Online and onsite training seminars

Tammany has over 15 years of durable medical equipment expertise and is the proud owner and President of DMe Billing Solutions, Inc.  She began her career as a sales representative for Preventive Healthcare Products, Inc., where she was instrumental in rapidly growing the company to a multi-million dollar market leader.  Due to her success and product knowledge, Tammany was tapped by PHP to initiate a streamlined billing department.  It is here where she began the arduous task of gaining an expert level of understanding of the intricacies of Medicare, from successful claims submittal to compliance.  Tammany’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to start DMe Billing Solutions in 1998.  DMe Billing Solutions has provided services to clients in 15 different states in every region of Medicare.  Tammany has provided on-line training seminars through Eli Research and The Coding Institute, and she has provided on-site consulting services to clients in Long Island, New York; Harford, Connecticut; Chicago, Illinois; and multiple sites in North and South Carolina.  Tammany’s mission statement is to provide a high level of billing and consulting expertise to clients nationwide, with an emphasis on flexibility and communication, in a collaborative effort to increase the client’s efficiency and profits.
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