We are DMe Billing Solutions, Inc.

An electronic durable medical/home medical equipment billing service.   We provide service to clients from all over the United States and in all four Medicare regions of the US!  We bill primary, secondary, tertiary insurance carriers as well as invoice patients for our clients.



DMe Billing Solutions

Focuses on our client's goals through communication and flexibility.  Our top priority is listening and providing solutions to clients in the ever changing and dynamic environment of durable medical equipment reimbursement.  With HIPPA compliance, accreditation, allowables being slashed in 2009 and competitive bidding going on and off of the horizon, current suppliers are asking;”How do we adapt?”  Give DMe Billing Solutions, Inc. a call and explore your options now.  Our clients experience individual solutions to help them meet their goals.  Communication and flexibility are the cornerstones to achieving customer satisfaction.  We bring 15 years of pure DME billing experience, resources and honesty to the table!

Medicare and ultimately the industry’s rules and regulations are riding a roller coaster. Training in-house billers may not be the best use your cash-flow because learning anything new always involves errors and that will expose you to risk.  Big billing companies may be able to offer a cheap price but without personal service and accountability all you get is just – cheap.  With DMe Billing Solutions you have the best of both worlds - accurate claims, personalized service, and competitive billing fees. Our staff is required to remain current through Medicare/industry training seminars, professional affiliations, and product in-services.

A Word to the new supplier…………….

New Suppliers are truly entering the DME world in challenging times.  Here at DMe Billing Solutions we sincerely urge you to employ a competent and experienced DME billing service to at least get you started.  Your focus needs to be working out the kinks in your processes, building your client base and certainly cash flow.  Because of the obstacles you face, we structure our billing fees differently for the start-up supplier.  We charge a monthly billing fee of a low, flat rate for three months.  After this we will discuss your needs going forward.  Again, through communication and flexibility we will determine together what will work best for your company to ensure success!

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